“The dichotomy of design reared its two heads for us in Lexington, Kentucky. We had to make the locals feel that when they experienced our restaurant, they got to leave town for the night – we wanted them to feel as if they were on vacation. At the same time, we had to make visitors to Lexington capture the legendary history of this charming city. We had to make them experience all that Lexington had to offer and leave impressed with this city. Mark Knauer helped us achieve this. He gave our company it’s most refined, eclectic, and palatial restaurant. It’s our masterpiece.”

- Jeff Ruby
Jeff Ruby Culinary Entertainment

“Knauer has the incredible ability to translate my murky thoughts into clear, brilliant floor plans and relevant designs...and they do it in seconds! They have a great sense of the market, and consistently steer us in the right direction.”

- Marc Malnati, Owner
Lou Malnati's

“We have been working with Knauer for nearly 20 years. The Knauer team has delivered over and over. The design skills are unmatched, and at the same time there is respect for the budget. We have been fortunate to work with this team.”

- Greg Marcus, President and Chief Executive Officer
Marcus Corporation

“Our experience working with Knauer has been extremely enjoyable. They are both fun and professional at the same time. Equally important, Knauer delivers a great quality product that includes a fresh, yet timeless design. Working hand-in-hand with our team, their expertise and oversight assures me our projects will run smoothly from start to finish.”

- Cameron Mitchell, CEO
Cameron Mitchell Restaurants

“We do business with KNAUER because they LISTEN. They work extremely hard to understand our visions and then execute them to perfection. In our case, those visions are always about creating timeless environments of quality that make guests feel great. Every time we've called on them, they've nailed it.”

- Dan Rosenthal, President
The Rosenthal Group

“The knowledge and ingenuity demonstrated by Mark Knauer and the team at Knauer Incorporated is unsurpassed. Beyond providing merely the elements of a restaurant, they deliver a fully integrated finished product.”

- Dickie Brennan
Dickie Brennan & Company

“When it comes to restaurant design Knauer is the best in the business. He has designed all of ours–Gibsons, Hugo's Frog Bar, LUXBAR and Quartino. Knauer’s natural creativity and design talents are unmatched.”

- Steve Lombardo
Gibsons Restaurant Group
Knauer Logo