Del Mar Columbus

Columbus, OHIO

Del Mar is a bustling coastal kitchen specializing in fresh seafood. However, Del Mar doesn’t stop at seafood. The kitchen prepares all kinds of dishes rooted in California cuisine. All of which are fresh, healthful, and surprising. The space is a traveler’s trouvaille. A lucky find, a place lovingly discovered by chance. A space that is eclectic, that is historically rooted with the charm and the patina of age and success. It is a bright, energetic, and happy place. The space and especially the people are genuine, accommodating, and hip with a special type of knowledgeable and worldly hospitality. The vibe is causal, warm, and authentic, transporting you to your California dreams. Del Mar’s menu is easily paired with the food focused wines selected specifically to match up with the menu items. Don’t forget to start with one of Del Mar’s world class vibrant cocktails.

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