Ocean Prime Denver Tech


From the moment a guest exits their car, they are greeted with an unapologetically luxe experience. The canopy covered entry, that extends to the street, is heated and music is playing. The wine room, behind the host, is temperature controlled and stocked floor to ceiling, with 55 degree wines from around the world. The finishes, the lighting, the seating, the art, the ambience is absolutely luxe. As you enter the restaurant, this dramatically designed space flows around a central sculpture of local materials recreating the city of Denver sprouting up out of the flat plains with the sun setting to the west over the mountains in the distance. The central sculpture consists of Corten steel sculptures depicting wheat and other plants interspersed with carved and partially polished local stone “skyscrapers”. In the private dining rooms, there are illuminated abstract art transparencies of the sun setting, behind the mountains in the distance to the west. The bar and its floor to ceiling back bar is a dramatic place to sit with friends, have a drink, and watch the game while dining on a “smoking” shellfish tower. The art tells the story of Denver while much of the rest of the design helps create a local vibe. The recessed candles in the soffit surrounding the dining room are reminiscent of the stars that can be seen most every night in the now clear Denver sky. The wrought iron light fixtures are a nod to the city’s modernity without losing the farrier roots. The flooring is cut from local stone. The carpet depicts the overlying textures of the earth. The upholstery is detailed like luxurious modern western leather goods. The wall-covering is a black and white photograph of aspens in winter, pre snowfall. The accessories are from local ceramic and glass artisans.

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