Que Onda


Que Onda simply serves the freshest, most delicious true Mexican food in a colorful artisan environment. Mexico City soul food. The menu is concise with less than 30 items including appetizers and sides. Two of everyone’s favorite dishes on the menu are Zanahorias Rostidadas (roasted baby carrots, sikil-pak, chickpeas, chili oil) and the Braised Pork Shank with habanero marinated onions, plantains, chicharron, and tomatillo salsa. The bar’s cocktail list is Mexican all the way through with cocktails like Barrel of Monkeys (Mexican whiskey, coffee liquor, banana, mole bitters) and La Monarca (Mexican rum, cacao, all-spice, aperitif, orange bitters).  The beer list also has new and hard to find Mexican craft beers such as Colibre Lager, Aqua Mala IPA, and Aqua Mala Pilsner. Que Onda seats 80 inside and has outdoor seating in the warm months. The space is adorned with steel finishings, antique mirrors, and tile flooring. Walls made of exposed brick painted with a Mayan tapestry or covered with the owners collection of vintage Mexican movie posters. Each unique design element tying together the restaurants historic roots with the buzzing energy of a modern big city.

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